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What am I all about

I have been working on reversing the terrible effects of smoking since 1/28/06 and am doing a darn good job if I do say so myself.

I found my original quit journal.from freedom from tobacco wow how life has changed in a good way.. here is it

What Season Woman Are You? - - You Are Spring! #blogthings

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    Chipits GOLD

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    Hi Sandy,
    Wishing you a healthy happy nicotine-free awesome new year. I haven't been to that fitness site for quite a while. I think I signed up; will go check after this email. Definitely, this will be THE year for fitness improvement for me. I am on new meds for asthma/copd and I am much improved. A number of my Christmas presents are fitness related. I will never forget, however, that the greatest fitness improvement in my life will always be the awesome fact that I quit smoking. So glad to have met you along the way.
    Have a happy healthy New Year. God bless!

    Your QS,
    Wendy (&Randy)
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    Have a great tomorrow!
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    Mabel Sage

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    It's a pleasure, sandrajo! Nice to meet you, and hope you are having a good weekend


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    Hi Sandy,nice to meet you,Rubie.

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